You have to Know More in order to say “No More”

Know More

Know More

I liked this image and the play on words of the title “Know More” for me also carries the message of “No More”.
The image, again, began with one random line on the page. I then saw two closed eyes, but in the center, the energy of awakening the 3rd eye, the ajna chakra.

Within the past week, I have made the commitment to myself to stop telling lies to myself and others. I am not talking about little white lies, in which the sacred agreement is to avoid hurting another. I am talking about lies of substance that lead to veiled vision and denial.

The other evening my stepson was breaking down about school. And finally, I boldly told him, “I have always supported you in school, but I will not stand here and lie to you about your performances.” It was a transformative moment for him (and me). The party line before that was that we were to all lie to my stepson, including him to himself, so he would not feel “bad”.

And then on my birthday someone did something to me. I said to myself, “This is a fun game this person plays to love me and love me not in the same moment.”

That is a lie. It is not a “game”. It is not “fun”. It is not “love”. I am telling lies when I say otherwise in order to cover up my pain and my AWARENESS.

Finally, the other evening we were running very, very late for an obligation. I had to pick up my stepdaughter from the grocery store where she had met friends in the coffee shop. I pulled in to the parking lot. She was there with two friends right in front of me. I pulled into a spot and waited and waited, and finally had to get out of the car and yell, “Hey, get in the car”. She accused me of being mean, demanding, and that she was just telling her friends ‘Bye” and it only took 30 seconds.

That is all lie. It is not the time (30 seconds) which is the issue or what she was saying or not saying to her friends. Could be true or not.

The awakened truth is this- it was a “power play” on her part (typical of teenagers) in which she was showing me that she would come when she was ready- i.e. the energy was, “I have the power to make Kim wait”.

Normally, I would have lied to myself. Told myself I “overreacted” that she had “misunderstood” that she needed to get into the car and it “wasn’t that long” she was speaking to her friends. These would have all lies I told to myself for her. She did not even have to lie for herself.

Basically, my point is this-
When we see with our 3rd eye, we all know more than we realize. You know the truth. The question is are you willing to say “No more” to the lies?


13 thoughts on “You have to Know More in order to say “No More”

  1. It’s also, I believe, an attempt – for many of us women, anyway, because a lot of us were raised this way – to be liked. God forbid that someone should dislike us! Or that we should command respect from the people we live with.

    Good for you! (And Happy Easter) 🙂

  2. Oh that moment when we see from our third eye and become aware! It can be the most liberating and scary moment at the same time, and I’m so proud of you for acknowledging your awareness and not putting blinders back on! Good luck and I’m so happy to be on part of your journey with you!

    • Thanks, Kate. I just commented to Val that I don’t know why our minds create such stories and lies when we are aware of what is happening…sigh.. 🙂 part of the journey, I think!

  3. Wow….this is an incredibly powerful piece! I love the clarity of your voice. I too go through my life feeling mean whenever I get annoyed with a loved one or friend without really asking myself if I had a legitimate reason for being annoyed. I love how clear you are about your perception and your right to honour your own feelings and reality!!

    Also, with the picture, before I read your post, I saw a flower bursting out into the sunshine after weaving its way through intense and scarey energy.


  4. Parenting teens is not for the weak! I have survived two, with two more to go. Now that my older two are in their late 20’s, it’s not so heart wrenchingly frustrating!

      • I think, Kim, I just see it as finally listening to my truest self. It has always been very scary for me to be seen…I spent a lifetime hiding. This blog is such a blessing to me because beautiful souls such as yourself are so full of love and support!! Thank you my friend ♡

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