Finding Your True Reflection

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

I think so many of us do not see ourselves as we truly are. We have been looking in the wrong mirrors for so long, we lose our true vision and wonder why we can not see ourselves.

I did this little piece of art with no intent. The shape of a bird (sort of! ha!) emerged and I created it looking at its reflection.

I kept referring to it in my mind as a “Bird of Paradise Seeking its Reflection”. And, I thought, how wonderful is that. If even a Bird of Paradise must bend over to truly look at itself in the reflecting pool, what am I willing to do to truly look at myself?

How willing am I to find a true reflecting surface and give up my flight for a moment to bend down and really see that I am paradise?

Find true mirrors and find your true reflection.
Until I did research, I did not know there are Birds of Paradise flowers. Surprisingly (at least from what I could tell) the flowers are orange and blue- somewhat like the drawing.


14 thoughts on “Finding Your True Reflection

  1. Ah, I like that! One reason it is so wonderful to see ourselves as we really are, to catch a genuine reflection of your true self, is because we aren’t so bad! In fact, most of us are really remarkable and amazing, far more incredible then we often know.

    Your drawing really is like the flower, except more like one that hasn’t really opened up and bloomed yet. A baby bird of paradise. πŸ˜‰

  2. One of my favorite flowers, they are very beautiful and unique. Of course it’s very easy to see beauty in the flower, than looking inside oneself. Love your post! I will never look at a Birds of Paradise bush, the same again.

  3. I was just this afternoon discussing self-reflection with a friend – no coincidences! πŸ˜‰ I find it hard to self-reflect and like a mirror or still pool, which is outside of ourself, gauge my reflection through others. Both are apt to become blurred or distorted, pools ripple, mirror images are inverted versions of our true self and a person reflects only what they see. Inner vision is a bit tougher to discern, but has the potential to be the most true.

  4. Love it! I agree that it’s hard to see ourselves as we really are. I think we have so many messages thrown at us about what we should see that it can cloud our vision… And you make a great point, what must we be willing to do to see our true selves.

  5. Ah…interesting, Kim. Yes, I think you nailed this one πŸ™‚ Just exactly how willing are we to look that deep? I know for me I always felt the tug of the “real” me…it was always there buried deep under guilt and shame. Paradise is an awesome thought πŸ™‚ it makes me happy to visualize it in me!! The flower is incredible!!! I get to see it almost every day and it always makes me smile. I don’t have access to my computer (I’ve been using my phone) and I am not home. But I will try to remember to send some pics when I do get home. Great post!! Have a super wonderful Easter!! ❀

    • I bet you have always felt the “tug” of the real you, Lorrie. You can see that all over your work and writing. I would love to see some of your pictures when you get home of the flower!! What a gift, Lorrie. (p.s. even if you feel your real self is buried under guilt and shame, we can see it πŸ™‚ )

      • Thank you dear Kim!!! Wow!! I appreciate your comment so much!! And I have to say…the fear I had about being seen was very real! To make this blog and to put it “all” out there has really made me face my fears…and what I am left with is LOVE!! It’s a beautiful thing! Thank you so much for your presence here!! β™‘β™‘

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