You tell yourself that so many “needs” exist
Certainly, you must reach and gather them

Yet, only one item need be grasped in this moment-
the next breath

Love this picture. Not sure how it evolved, but it made me think of how we grasp at things, when for life, itself, the only thing that must be gathered is the next breath.


14 thoughts on “Grasping

  1. I saw such movement in the art and was so pleased to discover that I was spot on! Needs/wants is a battle that you know I’ve been focused on, and moving towards a minimalist lifestyle and decluttering my surroundings, my thoughts and my life, because you are right, all I really need right now is my next breath!

  2. kim….I was away from my blog, and others’ blogs, for a few months…..I feel like your art work has shifted over the last number of months…it feels more ethereal to me; more evocative of spirit. Kim

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