The Only Competition God has…



…is You.

You are the only thing that can stand between You and Your God.
The only thing God truly competes with is You for your time, energy, love, and awareness.

I did this strange little picture for a number of reasons. I had heard an athlete thanking God for his team’s victory. It caused me to think about God and competition and how would God invest in a competition- i.e. one team over another.

I realized God is invested in a competition- the one You engage in as you choose what you will become.

The image is of circles racing- and paused me to ask myself- “With whom am I competing?” There is truly one lone competitor I need to overcome.


3 thoughts on “The Only Competition God has…

  1. Love it. I have to say I get irritated at what I perceive the misappropriation of God’s power too. Don’t even get me started on sporting events and the energy of competition 😉 Although I will share this. The other day, my son was sitting with me on the couch and he asked me what his gifts in this life where. He told me he didn’t see himself as having any, aside from being a good “lego builder.” He thought he was not gifted because he does not shine in sports, and that is a big barometer of success where we live. It was an opportunity for me to talk about the energy of competition and how I perceive his gifts, which tend towards non-competion and empathy, as so valuable. I’m not sure he is entirely sold on that concept, coming mostly from his parents and not the world outside of his home. I have to hope this idea is shifting and that he can see what a remarkable gift his soul is.

  2. Great artwork! I love the soft colors and the shapes are very compelling.
    It does feel like God competes for my attention. When I finally give in to it, I feel/hear ‘what took you so long?’

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