I now know what my dying Words will be…



Today for the first time ever, I had to pull over on the way to work because the weather was so bad. Now, I used to live in upstate NY, so I am used to driving in some pretty nasty stuff.

Unfortunately today, we had some snow/ice over night and the roads were covered with a thick sheet of ice, with not enough snow on top for traction.

I puttered along in my little Prius for the first couple of miles, thinking it would get better when I got onto a main road.

Made it to the main road and that is when one car followed by another slid back and forth in front of me. Another car attempting to turn onto the road almost simply slid across the far side.

Inching along to a place where I could turn off- the parking lot of Wal-mart became my Mecca.

Arrived in lot- called friend to see if I could ride with her to work. Not a problem.

Phoned my husband’s phone to see if he would be able to pick me up from work later. No answer.

Called again. No answer.

Called the home phone. No answer. Now mind you, it was 6:40 in the morning and there are THREE people in the home.

Phoned again. No answer.

Phone my stepdaughter’s phone. Ring, ring, ring…finally, just before voicemail she answers, “Hi, do you need something?”

Uh, no, just felt like chatting at 6:40 in the morning. “Yes, I need something. I need to speak to your Dad.”

“Well, he’s in the bathroom. I don’t know if he has a phone.”

“Could you bring him yours?”

“Okay, I guess”.

I overhear her talking to my husband- “Kim’s on the phone.” His overheard response, “Tell her I am in the bathroom and I will call her later.”

Oh, heck, no!

So if I am ever in an early morning accident, with death hovering near me, and I will long to say some final words to may family, I now know those words will be, “Will someone please pick up the phone?”!!


19 thoughts on “I now know what my dying Words will be…

  1. I had to chuckle at your last resort. But, goodness, from a serious pov. That was pretty hopeless. Hope it will never come to that. You take care, Kim. πŸ™‚

  2. Yikes! No snow days in CO, eh? I would have gone straight back home! Presumably your friend had a bigger SUV or something? Ice scares the heck out of me and I won’t venture out until every surface is sanded. Hopefully, things warmed up and the return will be less scary. Let’s hope folks at home will appreciate you more in the future.

  3. what an adventure! Perhaps you and all should have a ‘code’ word that would indicate ‘possible emergency’.
    Where in upstate NY did you live? I lived in Watertown and now village of Black River, which is close to Fort Drum where I worked. I’ve lived in Binghamton and Buffalo. So…winter weather is NO stranger to me, but I’m sure getting tired of it all.

    • We certainly need some type of code. I lived in Syracuse and Ithaca for several years. I really loved upstate NY, but do not miss the winters!! I have been to Watertown, etc. DO you miss it at all?

      • Watertown is only 10 miles from where I live now, so NO I don’t miss it, the winters, because its always here! Technically, we are in the NORTH COUNTRY, Canada is about 30 miles from us. Ithaca is a beautiful city! I don’t like big cities anymore and avoid them. It is not wise to travel RT 81 anytime during the winters up here. When my Dad died Jan 2011, I had to go to Buffalo (western NY) and of course weather was bad including a white-out during the funeral procession of cars! And I didn’t know where I was or going because I left that city in 1980…so I had to have a ‘native’ Buffalonian in my car!

      • Ha! Oh you are making me smile with these upstate stories. I can so relate. I remember white-knuckling it on Rt 81 many times!! Ithaca is beautiful. And you really can’t beat all the water/beauty of upstate. I actually miss it. CO seems so dry to me. Stay warm and take care of yourself πŸ™‚

  4. Glad you are ok Kim. One of those harsh moments in life where you contemplate how much you do for others, that they won’t do for you, even if it a simple act like answering the phone..Take care.

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