The Meditative Mind


A mind in meditation will leap from point to ‘
point not because of boredom or lack of focus.


In meditation, the mind reveals
its self-appointed purpose.

The mind free falls through images because
it fears you are not truly infinite

The mind’s sole purpose (as defined by mind)
is to come up with a Self-definition of You

So the wheel of meditative meanderings begin-
the mind jumping in an exhaustive battle
to keep You as part of one and everything

And there you sit, in your True, Infinite nature
all but unseen by the mind’s wandering eye.

Once you understand how the Mind sees its purpose, you can understand why it exhausts itself in this endeavor that is sure to fail.


9 thoughts on “The Meditative Mind

  1. The artwork is perfect for this piece – it reminds me of a brain scan – all your brilliant thoughts marching across the screen. That busy, ever active mind– like trying to tame an ambitious puppy!

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