Living in the Light of God

Flower Light

Flower Light

The flower, in awe of the Sun’s power,
does cower in fear that it is “not enough”.

The flower, sensing the Sun’s radiant light,
turns its face towards reception

And transforms the light into blossom
and becomes a beauty we may behold

So, I ask you-
do you live life as the flower-

taking the Light of your God and
transforming it into a wonderous bloom

so others may witness this Light
through your own splayed-petal brilliance?

You need not go on and on and on about the God you proclaim you worship. The God you worship will be clear to all in the life you live.

Strive to be a reflection, so that others, perhaps fearful and uncertain to look directly into the Light, may come to know the Light through how you transform it into your own beautiful blossom.


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