Holy Script

Holy Script

Holy Script

In prayer and meditation,
we all receive the Holy Script-

meaningless scribbles,
words on a fragile strand

misinterpreted, in the coldness
of the Mind-

everything lost until the
Heart translates.

Holy Scriptures were never meant for literal interpretation by the Mind. That is much too easy. The key to the reading is to understand translation is necessary – and an evolved Heart is the only translator. To read the scripture with only the Mind’s literal eye is to read without meaning.

10 thoughts on “Holy Script

  1. Oh and how true this is. SO many literally translate the Scriptures which puts my teeth on edge …. believe me. IF Heart is not involved, those words are meaningless. I’ve become accustomed to the “Voice” that flows through me, one which I have come to respect, trust, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt, speaks Truth. I know of someone who monitors a lot of what I say in both in conversation and what I post on Petals, her mind constantly comparing what I am saying to the Holy Word, to see, in HER opinion, if they line up. Those words were meant to BE LIVED. From the Heart. Thank YOU so much for writing this. More people really need to understand this Truth!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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