What the Bird Teaches Us

Brave Enough to Fly

Brave Enough to Fly

To fly, the Bird must
spread its wings and expose its Heart.
Why would you think flight for you would be

I love this picture. Sometimes I create a picture and it will stay with me and this is one of them.
The bird, to me, is standing there looking so powerful. But the stance of it, asks me to really reflect on what I am doing (the all-seeing eye).

I also thought that when a bird spreads its wings, it exposes its chest. In some ways, I saw this bird like Superman- rather than an “S” on its chest, the heart was revealed as its symbol.

If you want to fly, you must be brave enough to expose your heart. There is no other way to spread your wings.


9 thoughts on “What the Bird Teaches Us

  1. How I love this sentiment and the vulnerability of it. My last post was on the eagle so it really caught my eye! Nice to meet you and your blog; I found you through the Very Inspiring Blogger post which is well deserved. All the best, Lisa

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