Aha! Moment #373

A Woman Loves

A Woman Loves

You can not heal in the presence
of someone who is unsafe to you.

I am not sure why it took me so long to have this “Aha” moment. But, I realize, as I look to my own healing, how often I have engaged in this attempt at healing in the presence of someone who has shown themselves to be unsafe to me.

I think there has been a glitch in my processing- believing if I could heal with someone who has shown themselves to be hurtful or damaging to me than I would be “successful”.

I am now listening to my own words and removing attempts of healing away from those who have shown themselves to be unsafe.

If I am to heal, it will be when I engage in this act in the presence of SAFE and SUPPORTIVE people- that is how one learns to truly heal 🙂


9 thoughts on “Aha! Moment #373

  1. I am currently trying to heal and have someone who is ‘unsafe around me that keeps setting me back, yet I have felt this different feeling inside of me the past day or so and know that my “Aha!” moment is coming soon ❤

  2. I totally agree with you. We all need that sense of safety and trust in order to soften our hearts to healing. If you’re forced to be in a protective or defensive mode, that makes healing very difficult. Not impossible, but extra challenging. There are some people I know who have somehow managed to separate themselves emotionally and spiritually from that presence, while still with it, and got about the business of healing, but that is far too challenging for me.

  3. What a powerful insight Kim! healing requires us to open up and be vulnerable. We cannot do that fully when our subconscious is on guard and protecting us from becoming vulnerable.
    Its isn’t just the person, but also the environment around you. Make it as comfortable and safe as you can so that your mind, body soul can let go 🙂

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