Why Your Dreams May take Time before they are Realized

Traveling Dreamcatcher

Traveling Dreamcatcher

As many of you know, I am in a new art studio/office, which I am loving.
I have now noted, however, a significant problem. I thought it would be the fact I am struggling to get internet access there. That pales in comparison to the fact there is a CANDY STORE, seriously, a CANDY STORE 3 storefronts down. Not. A. Good. Combination. Turtles, truffles, marshmallow bars….

The image above was the second piece of art I created in my new studio.
The image is of an Arctic Tern (in case you can’t tell) with a dreamcatcher underneath.
I liked this image because it speaks to me about how patient we must be in our dreams coming true. Sometimes, the dreams must travel, symbolically, hundreds of miles before they are ready to land at our door.

Studies show the Arctic tern flies ~15,000 miles per year as it migrates from its Arctic breeding grounds to the Antarctic and back each year. The bird, because of this circumnavigation, sees more daylight than any other creature.

I liked how this could be applied to the formation of our dreams.

SOmetimes a dream needs to circumnavigate quite a distance before it lands.

The dream may also require exposure to the light of our experiences before it can be opened.

Be patient with your dreams- perhaps they simply have a great distant to travel before coming true.


18 thoughts on “Why Your Dreams May take Time before they are Realized

  1. Love the art and analogy. It is true that we must have faith that our dreams are flying to us even though sometimes it is hard to be patient and trust the Universe is working as it should. Maybe the sketchy wifi is so you will focus more on your art. And this place offers candy-resistance-training, too? What a bundle! πŸ˜‰

  2. Love the art. You are spot on. Sometimes, one has to wait for dreams to come true. I thought mine had all gone away. But now, as I age, they are coming true in marvelous ways I never could have imagined. I never gave up hope.

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