The Benefit of Limitations



Sometimes we need the limitations in our lives.
We would all love to step out on the eternal, expansive horizon
and encounter not one boundary, burden, obstacle, or barricade.
But, Life exists not in that way.

In every life, a wall appears or a barbed wire fence-
indicating you, in your current state, may go here, but no further.
Some will stand at these walls and boundaries and wail,
awaiting for those walls to come a ‘tumbling down.

Others will work to scale any such boundaries- sometimes with success,
other times to no avail.

And then there will be others, who encounter these barricades, and
touch them lightly and then wisely turn a different path- away from,
not into, not through, not up and over.

Sometimes, our limitations in life are simply the points we physically, mentally,
or emotionally press up against- not in failure- but in an act of redirect-
to something better.

The art is a little strange. It’s a person walking with a “purse” may out of an eye- indicating we should always travel with our vision intact. We need to see what is really present, rather than blindly walking into trouble.


6 thoughts on “The Benefit of Limitations

  1. So true- sometimes limitations are ‘an act of redirecting…’ us to something that flows better, and is divinely supported.

  2. This post brought me the thought of roots pushing through soil. When they come to an obstacle, a rock for instance, it seems that it is stymied, but the cell walls thicken and eventually new roots will emerge to make a way around it. And of course, we have seen plenty of instances where it splits and pierces the rock. We can learn a lot from nature! 😉

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