Writers…of Feather and Fin


We writers are of feathers and fins
The quill we take in hand,
the first strokes upon the page
– the ones we think we know-
and the ones we believe we control.

Until pen upon the page unloosens
something within us and it pushes below
the surface-
and becomes the fins that plumb the depths
below that which was known.

I liked this image as it just appeared on its own. I believe it really speaks to writing and the creative process.
We take pen in hand (the quill) represented by feathers. We all have flights of fancy when we write.
Our thoughts centered on what we are sure we will say.

Something, though, happens in the creative active. We put pen to page (or fingers to keys) and suddenly we are in a depth we never know existed. We are surprised, as much as any one, at what has emerged from that which was hidden from the surface. We become the fins, swimming in our own deepness.


21 thoughts on “Writers…of Feather and Fin

  1. I think this also speaks to me in ‘reflection mode’. Everything i write and do causes reflection. Whether the reflection is the impetus or the result i’m not sure as of yet.

  2. “We become the fins, swimming in our own deepness,” yes ;’) So beautifully phrased. This has happened to me so many times 🙂

  3. And here you have captured the allure of writing…or of any creative process really. What we think it will be usually starts the process…but then something takes over and shows us something new. Love it Kim!!

  4. This is truly exceptional!!! It is so true when you start writing, things come to the surface you don’t even know are there. Sometimes when the words flows, I am so astonished, and am so grateful for this “connection” I do have. Great post, Luv!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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