Regrets–What to Do with Them

Regret Transformer

Regret Transformer

The Heart has the power to change the energy of regrets into the power of growth.

I can be a person hounded by regrets. Head-slapping moments I look back upon in which I question the type of person I am. I inwardly cringe as I relive these in my mind’s eye.

Recently, I read something about regrets, that they are not something you can build upon.

You can build upon the experience itself and learn from it.

But, you can not build from the position of continual regret. It keeps you too locked into the past and away from the power of the present moment.

All this inspired the above image.

The unstable planks are the regrets of my life, being absorbed and transformed by the Heart.


12 thoughts on “Regrets–What to Do with Them

  1. Regrets are terrible building blocks. I’ve been able to spend an unfortunate amount of time with people who live for their regrets and they have created a most unhappy life. Regrets should be nothing more than valuable lessons.

  2. Love the art! My sister gave me a book several years ago about a No Regrets life, and man, I was already on that path, but that book really helped me out! I love that you are working to let the regrets go and use the life experience instead! What a way to look forward instead of being trapped in the past!

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