The Circle of Life with a Narcissist in Picture Form



Don’t kid yourself.

The Circle of Life does not complete with a Narcissist.

The Narcissist lives in a world of a single discrete point- labeled “Me”.

And this single point will serve as their only reference in the world.

When you “travel” with a Narcissist, this single reference will be assumed to be your guide.

As the reference point zigs, you are to zig with it.

If it zags, you are to zag as well.

Back and forth, back and forth with no culmination in completion.

A journey, you come to learn as you cross the miles, in futility. There is no end in site.

You are not on a circle returning to itself.

You are on a linear journey guided not by the stars, maps or globes, but the singular, internal compass of the Narcissist.

Is it any wonder you feel lost?


10 thoughts on “The Circle of Life with a Narcissist in Picture Form

  1. And rather than following this path of the narcissist, you have to find your way back to your own internal compass and away from that which cannot love.

  2. With the budding narcissist that is in my life I do feel lost and crazed when he is around. Thank heavens he doesn’t want my help so he isn’t talking to me. I really have to set strict boundaries and I am glad he’s not my immediate family so I am not responsible.

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