Maybe You are the Vine

The Vine

The Vine

This picture was inspired by a blog I commented on. I am sorry I can’t find the original. The author had written that she felt like a bloom on a dying vine.

And when I went to my studio, and produced again, just a random squiggle upon the page, I saw a bird’s beak. And then I drew in a vine and some leaves. And I thought of the saying credited to Christ which states, “I am the vine, you are the branches” and somehow it fit.

Even if one does not follow the Christian faith, the image and words can be viewed symbolically as our potential to give to one another.

In my mind, this picture represents a bird (a distorted Christmas dove?) that has given up its feather and its own flight, to lay down roots and become the vine bearing fruits for another.

I know all this may not be apparent in the picture, but it is what I felt.

Perhaps we do more for one another than we realize. Perhaps in our own ways, we are Christ-like— giving up our own freedoms and flight, to ground ourselves, to provide the vine for another to grow. This all perhaps symbolizes what Christ was thought to have done for us. Transforming the Spiritual flight into the grounded root so we could have new Life.


18 thoughts on “Maybe You are the Vine

  1. I saw this image and loved it. Then I read your first paragraph and got goosebumps. That was my blog. The post was about how now that my grandfather has passed I am the last one alive from that branch of our tree.

    “I am the vine, you are the branches” I will think of that instead of being the last one left. I love the pictures you create they always inspire me.

    • Oh my goodness!! I am so, so glad you wrote. I could not remember on which blog I had read that and obviously it impacted me greatly. I would like to think you are the vine and by how you live, you are providing a way for others to grow.

      • I was so surprised when I read it that I went back to my comments section to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind and it was my blog you were talking about 🙂

        That is a wonderful thought that I could help others grow. I would like that very much.

  2. Love your thoughts on this. Even if you’re not Christian, there’s no doubt that everyone can take a clue from the lessons in the faith. I’m sure that’s the same for every religion. In fact, i have a crazy idea – let’s just live and treat everyone well!

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