How a Woman of Power Travels

Her Power Journey

Her Power Journey

She travels with her Heart in arms.
It is a gift She comes bearing.
In the other fist, she clasps her
staff and symbol.
At times, she forgets, until she remembers,
She is eternal.
Upon her Head is her crown, if She can not
see the Light, She shall bring her own.
This is how a Woman of Power travels.

So much of my art is what I need at that time.
I have been working a lot with “power” in my life, and being aware of when I feel power-ful and power-less. I am finally, as the picture shows, becoming ready to turn my back on the sense of being power-less and refusing to engage in situations in which the dynamic is designed to play upon my sense of power-less-ness.

Of course, I am never without power in a true sense. However, I have come to understand how much time an energy I have wasted on situations in which I did not truly have the power to change.

I want to be a Woman of Power as I travel through this world. And that means, I must leave power-less-ness behind. I have all I need for my journey, anyway. There is nothing more I need to take- only things I may choose to leave behind.


9 thoughts on “How a Woman of Power Travels

  1. My dad and I were discussing just yesterday the differences in those who recognize and can relax when they can’t control a situation, and those that fight it tooth and nail! Okay, we were totally talking about how dad takes anesthesia, he’s asleep before they give it to him, vs. my mom who can’t control it and will fight it will all her might.

    I’m happy to report that I fall about in the middle 🙂 I recognize that I can find power in being powerless and I don’t have to expend extra energy!

    • Kate, I don’t know how I missed this comment. This had me cracking up about your parents. I love how your Mom fights it, while your Dad is so relaxed he is asleep before it starts! Love that attitude of trust 🙂

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