Your Heart is All God Has to Save the World

Heart Hope

Heart Hope

We can fool ourselves all we want.
We can blame it on finances, time,
lack of awareness, confusion, apathy,
religion, hate, judgements, fear, superiority,
convenience or contrivance for the state
the world is in.

And we can try to solve the problems
by changing the list herein.

But the simple fact is this-
the only hope God has for saving the world
is through your Heart.

You can spend the time, you can spend the money,
you can have the “right” religion and speak in tongues
of love. You can pray and you can beg.

If the Heart, though, is out of alignment and can not
provide the drive- all acts become supplications –

which God already answered by giving you the
Heart that beats within.


5 thoughts on “Your Heart is All God Has to Save the World

  1. So great. I try to teach my Sunday School class (yep, they let me teach for some reason) the exact same thing. Dont get hung up on if Jonah was really eaten by a whale or if Noah built an ark. Worry about whats in your heart.

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