Publishing?…Does your book have These?



Every creator has this hope-
that his or her creation will be strong enough to walk out into the world on its own, with an eye for the right journey.

I wanted to celebrate sending off the book proposal, and I liked this image. You have to trust your creations enough to let them go. They should have “feet” of their own in which to engage the world and an eye for where they belong.

I liked in the image that it looks like the book figure is walking in a stream. I did not intend that but it made me think of the stream of consciousness.


17 thoughts on “Publishing?…Does your book have These?

  1. Thanks for this inspiring picture.

    Isn’t life all about this up stream struggle? No! i don’t believe that. I believe it to be just like rising and setting of the sun. it rises everyday just to set and then on the next day it rises with the same zest.

    Your book will surely see the sun for itself. I wish you best of luck.

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