The Power of Having Your Eyes Opened

Eye Opening

Eye Opening

Yesterday I blogged about a conversation my husband and I had that really opened my eyes to what he had been thinking. Basically, unbeknownst to each other, we had been working at cross-purposes. He was waiting for one thing and I was waiting for the opposite to happen.

We had, because we are that type of slow couple, been in this pattern for years, completely blinded to it.

I realized that it is only when our vision opens and truly sees that we are capable of using effectively the energy present in our lives. Otherwise, we are using energy but it is energy spent bumping symbolically into one barricade after another.

Open your eyes, and suddenly you pull the energy differently to yourself and you are actually able to navigate the objects in your life rather than stumble over them.

This symbolic opening of the eye and truly seeing is crucial to our development and should not be overlooked. If you do not honor the truth that is present by seeing it, you continue to cycle in darkness.

This applies to all things in life. Let’s say you are losing weight- if you don’t open your symbolic eyes and truly see your new, thinner self, you will continue to wander in the dark sense of being overweight. If you don’t open your eyes and see that you are no longer abusing alcohol or your body or your heart, you will continue to be in the dark sense of abuse.

We must be willing to honestly look at what is presented to us and see what is there. It does not mean that things are magically fine. It simply means when are eyes are open we are finally dealing with truth and reality, relatively solid items from which we can navigate and gain our bearings.

Keeping our eyes tightly closed only serves to keep us in our sense of limitation.


10 thoughts on “The Power of Having Your Eyes Opened

  1. I like this: “If you do not honor the truth that is present by seeing it, you continue to cycle in darkness.” Your drawing reminds me of when I was a kid, taking the empty papertowel roll and using it like a spyglass. I could see anything I wanted thru that tube.

  2. Very insightful. It’s not always easy to admit that your hopes and aspirations are opposite to your partner’s either and one may find it easier to just give up on one’s own and give in to their partners. At the same time it’s so important to acknowledge, share and accept your differences. Maybe, if possible find a common/middle ground.

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