Okay, I am wondering why things are not a changin’


Could it be me?

When the patterns of our lives have brought us to a destination that simply won’t hold, why do we insist on carrying on with the old?

I am the type, I am realizing, who views myself as the correcting tape of life, lifting potential errors, and re-working them.

I never stop to look at the weaving of the past and realize it is done and has no need of perfection.

Perhaps my calling is to move ahead, rather than un-do that old weaving, thread by thread.


10 thoughts on “Okay, I am wondering why things are not a changin’

  1. I can very much identify with this, Kimberly; thank you for posting it today of all days – a bit of synchronicity at work, I suspect. xxx

  2. I don’t know about the words, but the picture has attraction. Let me hold you? The colors are joyful. The growth has symmetry. It feels good to me. It feels complete.

  3. That is a great way of living a life. Versatility is good. I read today the following words, they gave me inspiration:

    “. . . the perfection of courage is found in the man/woman of many interests, who feels his ego to be but a small part of the world, not through despising himself, but through valuing much that is not himself.”

    ~ Bertrand Russel, On Education

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