When You Feel you have Lost Your Way



Into each life, valleys appear. Places so low, we as much feel as we see the darkness.
Nothing can prevent these invaginations in a life, even if well-lived.

We can become turned around in such valleys when we had become accustomed to the peak’s perspective.

But, fall you will, into the valley of your creation or brought along by the act of another.

You need not fear the valley formation if you can still see the light of your Beacon (God, Universe or whatever you hold dear).

The sight of the Beacon is the magnet, pulling the Soul’s pieces together so the climb, in rightful orientation, may begin.


7 thoughts on “When You Feel you have Lost Your Way

  1. Just as with light at the end of a (sometimes long) tunnel. Your message is accurate and encouraging, Kim. I might respectfully add to your words that we periodically need to experience the depths of a valley in order to more fully appreciate our choosing to traverse the next incline. πŸ™‚

  2. I really like this one – I don’t know if you will view this as a compliment or not (I mean it as one) but I can see a video game with the same vibe as you put in this work. roll the ball of light up and down the hill πŸ™‚

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