Edge of Innocence



Into each person’s life, times arise in which we stand on the edge of our innocence.

We had been operating with the blinders of naivete cloaking our visions and we were protected
from understanding the peril of our own journey.

The edge of innocence is the time of awakening in which blinders fall free and we finally
see the landscape we are navigating.

It is not as ridiculously safe and flat as we once thought. Nor are we as weak as we once believed.

Innocence is the double-edge- protecting in its state of non-awareness.

Until you become truly brave and can walk the edge, you will never see border of the world in which you are living.


I think we all have places in our lives in which our blinders come off. We are left with a sense of awareness at what we now truly see, but also a sense of instability and as we realize how naive we had been to what was happening around us.

I guess I believe similar to “the teacher will appear when the student is ready”, our blinders fall free when we are truly ready to see.

If you are standing at a place in which you feel the edge of your innocence, I wish you strength and awareness as you finally see.

13 thoughts on “Edge of Innocence

  1. Kim, what a fantastic post. Standing at the edge of innocence…..trying to look back at where we lost it, instead of focusing forward and regaining a sense of it! Truly inspirational post and something to really think about. ~hugs~ for your words of wisdom! xo

  2. Yes, and there is no going back, no way to ‘unknow’ what you now recognize. Risks I took in my youth, I cannot take now with the experience I have gained. Wisdom doesn’t always make us safer, it often simply broadens the perspective and introduces caution and fear where previously there was none. For better or worse, I guess it depends on the situation. Thanks for another good, thought-provoking post!

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