The Narcissist Enters Holiday Season…You Better Watch Out

Oh my silly, silly Narcissist, look at you all atwitter, symbolic plumage all in a knot

A simple refrain peck, peck, pecking at your brain – “How can I go on?” “How can I go on?”

As you know, Holiday season is upon us with so much fuss

What to do when it seems the season is not responding to your reason?

How could this happen when you always take extra special care with your particular brand of flare?

What do to my silly, silly Narcissist? What to do?

You could take a long, long winter nap and save us all from your steel trap.

But this will never do- not for you, my silly, silly Narcissist, not for you

Visions of sweet drama dance in your head to claim your stead

Shall you throw a fit? Produce a snit? Have a conniption that will never quit?

What to do, what to do-my silly, silly Narcissist, what to do?

When the holidays insist- they are not all about you.

Obviously, I am currently on a narcissist bent with my blog.
I wrote this somewhat as a warning if you have a narcissist in your life. Narcissists and holidays are not a good mix- ever.
Holidays can push a narcissist into feeling a loss of control and power. When they sense of loss of power, narcissists become even more awkward and erratic when compared to “normal”.

I want to warn you how much time and energy you may be putting into to “managing” the narcissist during the holidays. Secret discussions are likely occurring about where the narcissist will sit, strategies for dealing with any narcissist outbreaks, preventative strategies for these possible outbreaks, who is to be the likely target of the narcissist this year and so on.

We can get so caught up in managing the narcissist and taking it so for granted that it becomes a second nature for us. When you stop to think about it, in some ways, although the energy expenditure is necessary, it is also such a waste.

If you think the narcissist is laying awake at night trying to think of how to make the holidays go well, you are deluding yourself. Visions of chaos dance in their head as they lay in bed wondering how they can become the reason for the season.


12 thoughts on “The Narcissist Enters Holiday Season…You Better Watch Out

  1. Too true. After a miserable christmas last year, when I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to speak of the things that I do urgently needed to, I will be wholly circumnavigating the 2 Ns in my life. And making no apology for putting my child, my marriage and my mental health first. Not forgetting my Christmas!

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