I will bend…



I am the bow that does not break-Ever.
You see me bend
and think you have won in the end.
Never realizing, I curve in submission
to only that which is true-
the Love of Spirit-
and for that, I am willing to bend until almost broken-
but never for You.

I had an interesting start to my day yesterday. I am teacher who rarely has difficulties with my students. It’s just not who I am and it’s not how I run my classroom.

Yet, yesterday began with a student encroaching upon my space and profession in a way I have not witnessed in some time.

He was threatening in body language and demeanor. I speak so often about the power of women, this interaction was a quick reminder to me- size in not on my side when interacting with a man. I tend to look at aspects of men that I find wonderful. I think of their larger size and to me it represents possible protection and men’s willingness (as so many do) to protect first and never threaten.

Yesterday was a reminder that I had forgotten that each contains its opposite, what can be used by one for protection also contains a possibility to be used by another to threaten.

This student, for whatever fantastical reason that day, had decided he was an authority over me and my classroom. Interesting. At one point my office, he asked me not to raise my voice – as if I were some hysterical female screaming at him. Would he have ever said this to a male professor? I doubt it.

I raised my voice because I had to in order to communicate. He would not shut up long enough for me to speak. I quickly helped define the boundaries for him, succinctly informing him, “Hey, you are the one who brought this issue to me. I would have been more than happy to not talk to you at all today. Since you brought the issue to me, you will now listen to what I have to say about it.”

In any situation such as this in which things are “off”, I only have one question for myself “What can I take from this?”

It is a way of finding my power.

And I took the above picture and words from this situation. This student, I would assume, planned to bend me. Coming up with a scenario in which I would symbolically submit to his whims.

Well, gotta tell him, he chose the wrong, wrong woman for that.

I will bend, I will accommodate- out of MY CHOICE to be compassionate and kind. There is a part of me that will always bend to the greater, higher Spirit within me, and I do that on a daily, moment-by-moment basis.

But bend and submit to the will of an out–of-line student? Never.

My choices are mine. My will is mine. My choice to bend is mine. My choice to stand firm is mine. Too often, others think they control us and they miss the mere fact, we are responding to something so much greater inside of us than their silly whims.


12 thoughts on “I will bend…

  1. confrontations like that just leave my belly quivering for hours! I recognize that when it comes out of the blue, as you have made it sound above, that it really does mean that there is an issue with the other person; however, that doesn’t make it easier when going through it! And, yes, we have to stand strong and hold our ground, because you are right, we get to be supple and bend on our own terms!
    Sending you cleansing energy today!

    • thank you for saying that, Kate. I really appreciate it. I did have a stomach ache all day. I just realized I had done nothing to warrant this response from him and his behaviors/choices are a result of him, not me.

  2. It is never fun to be tested and it sounds like you stayed connected to your power – kudos for that. I often wonder where they learned their behavior? Not a happy thought. So you ‘taught’ him that not all women will bend under his threatening ways. Hopefully, the lesson will stick with him.

  3. there is far too much disrespect in the world! you, in your position as instructor, have the POWER that comes with the POSITION. The student was out of line.
    My friend who is also a professor just told me about how her classes are full of unruly, disrespectful students who have reported her to the dean! She doesn’t feel that she will get support because the college only want the BODIES. She has less than 5 years to go.

    • I so appreciate your comment. I felt the same way you did – I have the power based on my position. This is not up for negotiation, nor am I looking for a co-leader. I wish your friend well– please tell her that I can SOOO relate.

      • I shall tell my friend, she also will appreciate your circumstance. Good luck and have a great holiday season

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