The gift of Prayer or Yoga or Meditation…(take your pick)



…is that for one brief (or several prolonged) moments you get to rest your head on your Heart, and all the worlds within you stop in reverence.


19 thoughts on “The gift of Prayer or Yoga or Meditation…(take your pick)

  1. I just shared your offering today with a group on facebook called Divine Love started by a guy named Emmanuel Dagher. This one touched me so deeply! I so appreciate you and your gifts throughout the week, Kimberly. I hope it’s okay to have shared you with this group of beautiful souls. If you look up you can find out about this amazing healer/energy facilitator/friend/kindred spirit. Thank you so so much Kimberly for who you are!!!

  2. Because the doing of the being tends to go on and on, the mind needs to remind the doing that it’s nothing without being…and needs to empty itself of noise, in order to hear the silence before…
    Very nice post! thanks for visiting euzicasa!

  3. I love it Kim! As I’ve been able to enjoy my yoga practice, it’s allowed my prayer life to grow, and I’ve been starting to do some meditation, to help – not still my mind – but allow me to release clutter in my mind I’m holding on to that I don’t need rattling around up there!

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