Recycled Heart Parts


This is one of those strange images that began as squiggly lines to see what would emerge. Sometimes when these are complete, I find I really like the image.

What I was reminded of when I saw this (and this is my biologist side coming out) is when a neuron releases a neurotransmitter (think serotonin or acetylcholine) into a synapse. Often times, the excess neurotransmitter released is taken back into a neuron so the components of the neurotransmitter can be recycled to form new neurotransmitter.

And this is what I thought when I saw this image. I saw my heart (at the top) and with its falling apart components being reabsorbed into the large, spiritual Heart (the Heart of God) in blue.

And I thought about the components of my heart being recycled and renewed in order that my Heart may be symbolically recycled and released again.

So often we go through difficult times, wondering how we are to hold the pieces of our Hearts together. Perhaps this image speaks to a new way of looking at this situation. The heart is “broken” and reabsorbed into the love of God, so the Heart can be recycled into state of new-ness, ready to be released to the world. πŸ™‚

Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “Recycled Heart Parts

  1. Okay, one of the images I’ve been working with, (and I don’t do well with images, so it is a lot of work for me!), is my brain being a tree, and my repetitive thoughts, my negative and harmful thoughts, are the leaves, and it’s fall time, and they are lightly falling down to the ground, all of those unwanted, unneeded and unnecessary thoughts are falling off the tree and landing on the ground, to be turned into compost and recycled into something new.

    So, your image of the heart pieces being reabsorbed is totally speaking to me today! Thank you!

    • Laughing out loud at your self-described “I don’t do well with images”- I love your image (even if it was a “lot of work” for you) about the leaves falling. That really represents where I am right now. Some things, I am finally, finally, letting fall away πŸ™‚

  2. ‘The heart is β€œbroken” and reabsorbed into the love of God, so the Heart can be recycled into state of new-ness, ready to be released to the world.’
    I love this quote. It is a timely one for me as I’ve been grieving the loss of one dear to me and I love the thought that my broken heart is being ‘recycled’ into newness. Thanks for easing that sadness a little bit for me, Kim. πŸ™‚

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