The Color Scheme of the Narcissist

I am lied to often by my stepchildren in regards to their mother. More times than I would care to count.

Of course, they would never refer to their statements as telling lies. They are simply carrying forth the world their mother creates for them.

Similar to all with narcissistic tendencies, she is capable of creating both a black and white world –

She and the children as “superior” to others. Certain other people are “nasty” (she actually uses that word). The level of blaming and projection know no end. Children, other than her own, are labeled as “bad”. Her own children are perfect, until they not, (i.e., when they fail her), then they, too, are labeled “bad” or worse.

and at the same time, against this black and white background, she creates a multi-colored spectrum and a range of gray areas –

Against the black and white world in which she places others, her world is a whole rainbow of colors representing the exaggerations, misunderstanding, stories, half-truths- label them what you will – that explain her behaviors.

A narcissist in full display of telling lies is like a technicolor display. No color combination or color display is too much. They will pull out all stops. Words and their meanings no longer are black and white. Oh, no, not when a narcissist is in story telling mode.

Then, words have no meaning or multiple meanings. Nothing is black or white, there needs to be compassion, understanding, awareness when the narcissist lies. Gray areas have multiple meanings and each potential meaning and explanation, in the narcissist’s mind, should be given the utmost time and attention no matter how ridiculous and insane the context.

When it comes to their own behaviors, narcissist’s see themselves with rainbow-prismed glasses.

The world, according to them, is black and white, while they perceive themselves as the only rainbow in the land.


7 thoughts on “The Color Scheme of the Narcissist

  1. Maybe that’s why she always wears bright colors, and resents the earth-tone clothing I prefer…or maybe it’s just because she’s always right and I’m always wrong πŸ˜‰

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