Take off the Mask



Take off the false mask.
You are not a puppet with strings
around your neck.

As sometimes happens, my art appears with a message that I may be too dense to hear.
Although the words may elude me, the art resonates with me.
I think of my stepson. He has always loved my animal images and requested several times I create a book of these images.

I wonder sometimes the “masks” he wears. Uncertain of who he is and who he needs to be to please others.

And this is something to which we can all relate. How many false masks do you wear? How often do you let the false puppet strings control your voice and being?


10 thoughts on “Take off the Mask

  1. I found that once I hit my fifties I was less inclined to wear the mask. I still want to play nice and get along, but I don’t compromise beyond the point of my comfort. I listen to my intuition better than I ever have. It keeps me on my path.

  2. When I was younger, I felt the need to express my beliefs; to let people know when I disagreed with them; to express what I thought at every opportunity. As I have grown older, I have come to see my “beliefs” as a mask; a way of distinguishing myself; a way of setting myself apart. In my late fifties now, I find myself doing that less. I find myself deciding when to speak up; speaking up when it feels important or when there is an opportunity to explore an issue or idea honestly with someone. It feels more honest. Kim

  3. One of my favorite projects is collaging masks and asking myself that question. I try to be a bright shinny nothing bothers me person – the bright smiling mask is one I wear often. I’ve got a “perfect” daughter mask I wear with my dad. I’ve really tried to understand my personas and not let them take over. I am better at just calming down and letting my true self out. I think everyone should do masks once a year (if not more) to help shed them.

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