Pulling It



Ever feel as if the energy of Life is coming
towards you and you don’t know what to do?

Meet the energy half-way and begin to shape it
with Heart.

Most times, it will be the
best thing to do.


10 thoughts on “Pulling It

  1. Kim…your posts are wonderful…thank you.
    your words today are great!
    I start on Friday evening… another 3 day Ashtanga yoga workshop!
    thank you for the thought…
    Meet the energy half-way and begin to shape it with Heart.

    • ahhh… this does not surprise me. You have such a beautiful spirit. Of course, you would be doing a 3-day yoga workshop- may you continue to mold your mind and body with a sense of peace. 🙂

  2. So great. Empowering, generous and refreshing energy here…I’ve missed a few posts and it’s always good to see your work.

  3. Love this…..sometimes that life energy that comes at us is in an abusive way. And that is difficult meeting it half way as we try and run from it. Thank you for this great post and beautiful picture!! ❤

    • thanks for your perspective. I was not thinking about abuse when I wrote it. But, you are right, that energy can seem overwhelming and of course, we want to run from it (as we should). Perhaps when I speak of transforming the energy with the heart, we can think of transforming the abusive energy into a sense of heart and love for ourselves, for only that will save us.

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