The Most Vulnerable Point



The most difficult time of any transition-
Light of Divinity crosses your sky
and what you once only thought in a moment’s hesitation
now manifests into Life.

I think we all have many desires we would like to manifest in our lives. I do not believe coming up with such desires is a difficult task, nor do I think the initial setting about to obtain these desires is all that difficult either.

What I find most pressing and the point at which I may still reverse course is when the desire may actually in fact manifest.

We have been looking at the possibility of getting a new home. As I have related the story to friends and family, my comment has always been “Well, we will see.” Several responses back have been “What is there to ‘see” about? I thought you found the house and you have been approved.”

Well, yes, of course that is true, but I am on the edge of where things are moving from idea to actuality, symbolically where Divinity touches the horizon of our lives, and I am hedging.

It is one thing to imagine, to plan, to hope, and to wish. All of these serve their purpose, and their purpose is to get us to the edge where we will, yes, finally embrace a new manifestation.

The new manifestation can take many forms- exiting a bad relationship, losing weight, beginning to exercise, lessening one’s anger, getting a new job, completion of a major project and so on.

Our thoughts orient us in the proper direction and work to pull the Divine energy towards us.

And then the most vulnerable moment arises- the “Oh, this could be real” moment.

The moment that always causes us to pause a bit, and almost turn our backs towards the Light. I think, instead, we must be brave enough to look full-on and face our most cherished desires at the key point in which they will manifest.

At that moment, we are in the birthing process, bringing the new into life, and like any birth- it must be greeted with open arms, not cowering in the darkness.


16 thoughts on “The Most Vulnerable Point

  1. I hear you Kim! I have a different take based on my experience supporting peeps through transitions. Creative minds tend to enjoy the highs of imagining and the possibilities in creating… And when it comes to what’s real there is a downturn as the creative process ends and the actual birth is faced. ❀

  2. Further to Val’s view/experience, I would share that I see you (and others in similar situations) at a juncture, a place on the manifesting continuum where you can proceed with what you have envisioned and is presenting or… you can listen to your intuitive sense that may be whispering caution about bringing fully forth the vision. Some people do not possess the latter capacity and thus, have to only deal with the manifestation. But if you know and trust your intuitive abilities and they are speaking clearly to you, then you find yourself at said, unanticipated decision point. Welcome to being at choice. πŸ™‚

  3. I love this beautiful image. Great post! Interestingly, I had a vision last night about birthing, or rebirth. I was shown an image of a baby inside a shell, like a pea shell, waiting to emerge. Must be a time of transitions for many of us. πŸ™‚

  4. We must believe that we deserve all that we desire and that it will happen as we envision it! I like this quote: “God’s Answers to Your Prayers: 1) Yes! 2) Not yet. 3) I have something better in mind.”

  5. That’s really well said. We do have a tendency to do that, hesitate right when we’re about to get what we want. It really is a bit like childbirth, all that work and then right when you’re about to actually deliver, “wait, I’ve changed my mind!” πŸ˜‰

    • I am glad this resonated with you. It is weird to see the ending manifestation of a certain state before it becomes something else. It really gives me pause. I hope your “little book” has been a wonderful journey.

  6. I do so understand this and appreciate the comments above too. There is something about that final leap to actual “doing”. Totally a choice but not easy. A leap and jump and act of courage really to move to something new and different. Darkness is familiar and easy sometimes.

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