The Particle in the Wave



Often, life feels a bit like a continuum. We feel strands of the past leading to the present into the future, unbroken. We are present and riding the wave of creation of our lives.

And, then there are the times that the wave shows its other form- the particle – and we are touched by a punctuated moment that will mark our lives into “before” and “after”.

The “talk” I had blogged about (and blogged about…and blogged about… 🙂 ) is now over.

And it has become a “before” and “after” moment for me. This talk showed me how far I had come in my own personal life, as well as my ability to perform as a professional, apart from typical academia.

I was the one giving the talk, but I was also the one receiving so much.

Moments exist in everyone’s lives in which a symbolic mirror is held up for us, providing a chance to “see” the particle we are apart from the wave.

And this is the gift of these mirrors- if we are brave enough to look and acknowledge what we see.

We can not hope to change our lives, to be different, to live differently and then simply slide by the moments which show us these exact things.

If we are truly to evolve and desire to bring forth something anew in our lives, who are we to not acknowledge when these things occur? How can we ever feel “rebirthed” if the rebirthing moments are never noted by ourselves?

My life will be different for having given this talk. How do I know this? Because I saw it mirrored back to me in my performance of the talk. I saw myself in a different state than I ever had before.

That was the gift.

I wanted to thank so many of you for your encouragement and support as I wrote about giving this talk 🙂 To feel such confidence in my abilities was amazing. I have been asked to give the talk again, videos have been requested by those who heard about it, several people suggested I do a TED or TEDx talk, and what touched me most is the phone calls asking about my next speaking dates by those who heard the talk, because they want to pass along the information to others.

As for the art work today- what can I say? I had smeared some pastels around and the shape of a “dragon” head emerged as did some fish leaping out of water? Dragons and fish are very symbolic, so I will definitely honor their energies. And, then, for some reason, I thought “hey, what this needs is a giant palm tree-like structure in the background 🙂 ).

Who is to say why it came out this way, but I will say, my stepson loves it.


17 thoughts on “The Particle in the Wave

  1. I must have missed something…will have to catch up on your earlier posts about your “talk”. Wonderful thoughts…growth is so good. And I enjoy the fish and dragon energies.

  2. I am so proud of you!! I knew deep in my heart the whole time leading up to this…that it would be an amazing, life changing event for you!!! I couldn’t be happier for uou, Kim. Embrace this feeling…never forget it!! 🙂 ❤ ❤

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