If it has to be…

It has to be

It has to be

…then let it be me.

The long-awaited talk ( I am so sure you are sick of this subject šŸ™‚ ) occurs tomorrow at noon. Art and words are my inspiration and my solace.
So, I went to my studio and for the first time in a long time drew something directly. The above picture is what formed. If I have to give a major talk, I want to be this figure- poised, powerful, and filled with heart.

I also like to come up with mantras for situations in life (because, who doesn’t ? šŸ™‚ ). And the one I came up with today was simply, “If it has to be, let it be me.”

Meaning- if this talk is meant to be given, if it is meant to be- then, please let it be me, the one to give it.

I wonder how many of us confront situations in life in which we are the ones chosen to handle them. What a blessing – if only we can see it.


10 thoughts on “If it has to be…

  1. Great mantra! I have, apparently, been looking the other way on things that I am meant to handle…but…the light comes from somewhere…whether giving a talk or breaking a silence…then sometimes, I ask God if there wasn’t someone else who could do this…nope…šŸ’› Can’t wait to read about “the talk”! šŸ™‚

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