Light in the Dark

Pushing Through

Pushing Through

Where there was to be union, I felt isolation
Where there was to be joy, I suffered panic
Where there was to be hope, I sat in fear

Darkness settled

Until I heard the sound,
The remarkably, steady beat of

My light-filled heart, pushing through
the heaviness, powered solely by belief.


As I have sat and worried about some things as of late, as I have wondered how I was supposed to succeed, I questioned how I got “here” and how I came to feel so “off” about everything.

And I came to understand, I had forgotten to take my greatest power with me on this journey- my light-filled heart, powered by belief.

Life will always present us challenges, and for these we may or may not feel fully prepared. But, we do ourselves no good service when we refuse to take along our greatest strengths on these journeys.

I have always had a heart filled with belief. How could I ever forget it also believed in me?

There it has always been, chugging along through the heaviest of my darkest thoughts, shining a bit of light so I could see my way.

My prayer for today is may I be wise enough to turn towards this beautiful, light-filled strength, and in doing so, turn my back upon the darkness.


5 thoughts on “Light in the Dark

  1. I will say that prayer for you too!! 🙂 There is strenght in numbers! 🙂 🙂 But I know that everything will eventually lead you back to the strenght and light in you heart 🙂 Fot I think that, as long as that is what we seek, that is what we also find 🙂 🙂 Don’t worry, no one can steal your strenght away, including yourself, unless you let them, that at least is my experience 🙂

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