You don’t have to Generate everything in your Life…



…Sometimes you are simply given the gift of understanding that energy may generate itself, and you are just along for the ride.


As one thing after another came into my life recently, I was beginning to question whether or not I could say “No” and if I was somehow intentionally overbooking myself for reasons hidden to me.

One of the obligations I had agreed to was a 45 minute talk to women in the community about the power of the female body. When, initially, I had said “Yes” I had no additional work commitments and believed I would have plenty of time to create the talk.

As one thing after another came up, the time to think about the talk, let alone prepare it, was pushed further and further away. I wondered if I had made a mistake. I could not give it the attention, nor did I have the time to publicize and support that talk that I felt it required.

Then, a friend called and left a message in my office. We usually walk together and I had assumed that is why she called and I never checked the message. Several days later, she phoned about going for a walk and mentioned her earlier message.

On the message she had said that while at work at the hospital (she is a nurse) she had heard about my talk from someone there. What? I didn’t know anyone even knew about my talk, as I had not put out any flyers or anything.

She told me that everyone was excited and she wanted to know if I had any flyers made so she could hand them out.

Like the art work shows above, I realized I did not have to do it “all”. With no input from me, other than my agreement to give the talk, the energy surrounding the event was supporting itself.

Sometimes we have to generate our own energy, and sometimes we do not. Momentum is a gift of being aligned with your highest principles.

Sometimes our light is the flame of life, at other times, it is the spark that ignites it all.


10 thoughts on “You don’t have to Generate everything in your Life…

  1. Yes!! I am realizing that the more authentic energy I emit..emote..release…my efforts are guided organically to those who will support and share them as if by a force that is greater than any of the parts or the message. I’m sure your talk will be inspiring for many, Kimberly. XOXO

  2. I love this art work! Looks so full of energy in itself. I am so proud of you that you are giving a talk and all the buzz about it even though you have not publicised it. I am sure you are a good speaker in your genre and much more knowledgeable than you know yourself. Look forward to your sharing about it πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Kim…I’ve been thinking of you lately! I wish I lived close because I would be a cheerleader in the audience!! I know you’ve been busy…just a reminder to make sure to take some time for YOU!!! Much love ❀

  4. I would very much love to see a ted talk or youtube of your talk Kimberly…please let us know if you do one! So glad you continue to share your positive knowledge and energy.

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