There are times in life in which we are called to a state and stage
that we never would have imagined.
We are the graduate, but not of the formal school.
We had prayed for a life transition and it almost passed unnoticed
until we found ourselves upon that stage.
Symbolic cap on head, with tassel to be moved to the other side.
We have finished the course, and now realize
For every step across the stage, a part must be left behind.

I haven’t written for some time. Much too busy. Busy in a way I had not anticipated.

First, selected to a search committee that had to happen “Now”,
while I was also asked to do a significant talk in October and had begun to plan accordingly.

All was good until one consulting project appeared and then another and by 10 a.m. the following morning a “High Importance” e-mail from an editor for some additional assistance.

Who was I to say “No”?

“No” was never the point in this endeavor. I had been in a state of transition not knowing which way to go. So many things landed at once, I no longer had time to think, and am beginning to realize that was a good thing.

My art is always the answer and above is the shape that emerged. I saw a female graduate, approaching a stage. A swirl of color swarms around her, with an artist’s palette in its wake.

We can never expect to change and carry along with us everything that has been. The graduate, to me, signified a coming to an end of one phase. While the light showed, I would be carried along my way.

I know for some of you readers there is a certain level of resonance in our journeys. I wonder who else is “graduating”, seeing a particular stage coming to an end. And what will be left behind, as you walk across that stage.


17 thoughts on “Graduating…

  1. Smiling here, Kim, as I — in the context of your post and invitation — feel much like a perpetual student. I have experienced numerous commencements during my journey and look forward to more. Each successive walk across the stage further awakens and enlightens, similar I suspect to your artful graduate. It saddens me a bit knowing that my ‘next’ graduation will find friends left behind. Yet I’m already growing okay with that detaching.

    Resonant words in your post today. Thank you.

    • HI Eric,
      I love your words here. In some ways, whether we are aware of it or not, we begin to prepare for our walk across the stage before it happens. Everything, including friendships, begins to transform. I wish you well.

  2. “We can never expect to change and carry along with us everything that has been”….Very true….I am in transition too…brought on by the end of a relationship….Funny thing is if that person was to talk to me today, a mere two and a half weeks since we said goodbye…he would find me in a very different place to what he last knew…There has been sweeping changes in my life…but I don’t know whether the end of the relationship was the catalyst for this change or merely the harbinger to something much bigger….

  3. My prayer/intention the past couple of days/weeks has been that I lovingly release what I no longer need in my life with gratitude. And that applies to people, things and the excess weight that my body has been clinging to! I feel like the harvest season is happening in my life 🙂
    Love the art!

  4. I’m happy that you have many launches right now. Transitions and then graduation caps – yes I resonate. Last year I actually graduated with my BS in Art Therapy and my “master’s class” in coping with cancer. I even had a stem cell transplant during one of my Christmas breaks. Life is a constant transition and change happens in the blink of an eye. I am so thankful for the art. It is always there for me in whatever situation.

    • Oh, I had no idea. I gain a lot from your story- we always can’t control our transitions and our states in life, but we can control, to a certain extent, if we walk across that stage. Congratulations on your degree and your “master’s class”.

  5. Such a great post – I always love your clear awareness and open heart to your soul’s messages and path. It’s amazing to witness and is an inspiration. May you never “graduate” away from blogging entirely because I would miss your posts terribly! 🙂

  6. Thank you for your post Kim. I seem to be in a transition or transformation period but I am not sure where it will go. I appreciate your message and the positive outlook. Just an aside, your art encouraged my first foray into visual art – other than words – that I have done for many years. It was great therapy and one I hope to continue. Thank you

  7. You are right about graduating with our life stages passing unnoticed. Reading that sentence makes me stop and reflect what has been graduating in my life. I would think that some unhappy life events had passed and I have emerged stronger and appreciate life more. Such is a graduation of sorts in my life. We ought to be thankful for when we “graduated” from days that are challenging and we made it to the end. It’s good to hear you are getting busy and doing things you like. You are happy aren’t you? Busyness usually signifies we are important in life. And having said that, being relaxed is an enjoyment that we deserve 🙂

  8. Yes, more resonance here too. I too feel a “graduating” or sense of movement in where I am in my life this year…I’m encouraged to keep the momentum going after reading this post. Thank you!

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