La Loba

La Loba

The flesh has fallen
and has yet to be replaced

only the bones remain
and I, in weakened state, put out

A call to the dancers of fate-
“rebuild, rebuild, rebuild me…”

and if by magic, for that is what is,
those old bones begin to flesh out again.


I loved this art work. Random lines formed the shape of a dancing woman. Her staff is composed of vertebrae and it made me think of the story of “La Loba” in Clarissa Pinkola Estes book.

In the story “La Loba”, there an old woman who is a collector of bones, of all things that may be lost. She collects these bones and some times, she sings over these bones, fleshing them out once again.

We all have “bones” in our lives- the cores of our beings that despite external changes (the flesh falling away)- remain untouched.

We must be “La Loba” with these bones of our lives. We must collect them up and not allow them to be dispersed and lost to the whims of life circumstances. For, it is from these bones, when maybe all hope and perspective may be lost, that we will have an indestructible structure from which to rebuild.

Sing over the bones of your lives. Sing loud and long over those places that speak to your survival and your authentic core. Flesh them out into the beautiful creature you are.

15 thoughts on “Rebuilding

  1. She’s a beauty, Kim! Compassion & Strength. Thank you for sharing your truth about bones. (P.S. for some weird reason I thought of Harrison Ford saying, “Fortune and Glory” from Indiana Jones’ Temple of Doom, really dramatically, but I had replaced it with “Compassion & Strength” in my mind. It felt triumphant. You are a diamond,Kim!

  2. Rebuilding, growth, a new emergence… your words. accompanied by a beautiful La Loba.

    I may be one of the boniest guys around but mine are thankfully, structurally sound — a base on which stands my character and integrity.

    This post oozes essence and promise, Kim. Nicely communicated.

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