Lay Yourself Down

Lay Down

Lay Down

Sometimes you have to
slow down and
lay yourself down
in order to see
the horizon
of your Life
from a new perspective.

I have been incredibly busy as some things have come across my desk beyond my normal work expectations. Before any of this, I was in my art studio, randomly playing and this image emerged.

Sometimes, we are the blue swirl in the picture. We are not meant to be upright and striding towards our imagined horizon. Rather, there are days and there are times, when we are called to lie down.

We do this act with care and compassion for ourselves. Not because we need to rest, necessarily, but rather we are being called to change up our view of the horizon towards which we are orienting the ship of our life.


13 thoughts on “Lay Yourself Down

  1. great post! it is vital to rest and do nothing. yesterday I took the opportunity to sit in the warm sun light watching the clouds…my bestest of all activities

  2. It’s great to have a visual and physical way to consider a change in perspective. I usually do it more as a conscious act–shifting my perspective about something. But I like the idea of literally changing my physical position to bring about the intellectual and emotional shift. Thanks! 🙂

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