She yoked herself
to a sense of duty and obligation
Wondering why her gait became
a stumble
as she hauled this mass behind her.

As some point, she finally asked,
when had the yoke become a
stranglehold around her neck?


16 thoughts on “Burdens

  1. I’ve been asking myself that question, when did the yoke become a strangle hold. I’m evaluating some things in my life and several items it’s hard, I can’t decide if there is balance, I feel like the yoke has become a strangle hold (that the situation is very out of balance and that I’m giving so much more) but the flip side is that I recognize that it is supposed to be work, and you have to work at it (so am I being lazy and am tired of working at it?)
    this was great, helps me visualize the situation and helps me be able to process it!

    • Thanks for understanding this Kate. I really wasn’t stating the burden was “bad”. If you have a yoke designed to pull something, well, then it all works out. But, when that yoke ends up around your neck in the wrong position and you are strangling yourself, well, then you have to reflect- what am I doing? You hardly strike me as “lazy”, so I would respect your sense of tiredness around the issue you are confronting.

  2. For me, the burden becomes a stranglehold when I lose sight of why I picked up the burden to begin with–when I lose touch with my vision. Thinking about it this way helps put things in perspective and perhaps rearrange the burden a bit so it’s possible to make progress on the tasks involved while still maintaining my sense of me.

  3. Hi Kim. I love the comments …I think there is a nice variety of ideas here. The only thing I would add is that every struggle in our lives is there for a reason. We either invite them in because there is something we need to learn…or we are brought in to help someone else learn. But the beauty of our lives is that when all is said and done we ultimately have the choice to stay…or to go. And those answers live deep inside us…if it feels light and liberating it is truth…heavy and constricting it is lie. Either way I send you a cloud of love to hold you! ❤ ❤

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