Overcoming Shame



This one had a request attached to it. I asked my inner child- “What would you like to show me?”

And this is what came to be.

A person caught in the storm of shame. The borders between the person and the shame storm are messy- as shame often does this to us. We can not determine what is “ours” and what is “not ours”. We become engulfed in the maelstrom of others.

But if you look at the figure closely- you see she has one eye open. She sees and she knows- something that every person that is being shamed is told not to do. “Don’t see. And more importantly, don’t know, what is being done to you.”

I am never sure if my art ever has a nice culminating message. I wish I would create things with really good, succinct answers.

The art, though, is what it is- capturer of the healing process- letting no step go unacknowledged.


21 thoughts on “Overcoming Shame

  1. Someone recently said that they don’t read my blog because “it’s too dark”. I don’t get that, but I DO love your darker works. I look at this picture as someone just thinking, not shame. Every thought is a storm of its own, but they aren’t all negative. You know I love your “dark” works.

    • What? Your blog is “too dark”?? YOu write about the funniest, quirkiest things. I go to your blog to be uplifted. What am I missing? Is there some coded Satanic message in your words that I am not picking up on?

  2. I love that! Misplaced shame has been on my mind lately, too. It’s kind of funny, many people really cling to shame as if it’s some kind of virtue. I think I’ve figured out why, they’re terrified you’re going to figure out it doesn’t belong to you and hand it back 🙂

  3. I believe every piece is a link…or a part of the full picture or puzzle. The amazing thing is that you know what the answers are. Your shining soul answers every question…and for you it is expressed in your art! Just beautiful! An amazing talent!! Thank you for always sharing with us!! ❤

  4. I ‘m with Kate and Lorrie here Kim… Such wisdom and appreciation if the work you share.
    What I noticed was the light shining on her face. Yes the eye is open … to the light.
    Val x

  5. This piece – I can feel the storm around her, so emotive. Your uplifting pieces are awesome but I love your dark pieces just as well Kim, honest and raw. In fear of the dark we never reach the light anyway. Love this.

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