Man Contemplates His Greatest Fear…While I show My Artistic Process Step by Step

Man Contemplates

Man Contemplates

I thought I would show a bit of my artistic process as of late, so you can see how some of these images emerge.

Sometimes I begin with an idea in my mind. Today I was thinking about “peace” and how we obtain peace. I have been not as successful as I would like in dealing with my anxiety, so this was the underlining energy that I was feeling as I began. How can I handle my anxiety?

To begin with, I have a large piece of cardboard on a table.


I then take a kitchen knife and scrape it against soft pastels, so the pigments disperse on the cardboard.


Next, I take a black piece of pastel paper and press it against the pigments, so they stick to the black paper. Here are the pigments on the black paper.


When the pigments are on the black paper- this is the starting point. Usually I turn the paper back over and rub it over the cardboard some more to see what shapes emerge.


This is where my imagination keeps working with the image to see what I see. I turned the paper around, and as I outlined, I saw a person with a hat in the image.


Once I pull out the main image I add more pigment fragments to the cardboard and place the black paper on it to begin to add more color. This part requires a great deal of trust- because you keep turning the paper back towards the cardboard to pick up more pigment and you can’t see what is happening until you turn the paper back over.


From there, it is adding stronger outlines, more color, smearing the paper and back and forth until the final image begins to solidify.



Man Contemplates

Man Contemplates

As often occurs, the final image is not what I imagined it would be. I actually liked some of the middle stages and where they were going rather than the ending version. But when you do art such as this, you have to trust the process.

It is one decision after another and there is really no way to go back and make corrections.

At some points in the process, I do put my own stamp on it. The scarf around the neck is yellow (third chakra) and red. It speaks to how our sense of self can almost choke us when we are dealing with anxiety. We become uncertain and hesitant.

The man in the image seems to be caught in a storm, but as his gaze is straight ahead. He is not lowering his head in defeat or hiding from the confrontation with his fears.

So, in this moment, he is victorious.


26 thoughts on “Man Contemplates His Greatest Fear…While I show My Artistic Process Step by Step

  1. Really cool! It’s always interesting to see art in progress. It helps to dispel the myth that only “some” people can use the creative process. It’s still magical but everyone can tap into it.

  2. It is such a joy to finally get a peek into your process, and I really loved how you presented it step by step. You’re not kidding, there is a ton of trust involved! Intuitive painting is such a powerful practice and yours continue to give you such gifts, but I understand now more than ever (thanks to a better look at your process) how much of yourself you give to the art. We must give to the Self to receive, and clearly you’re willing. Much respect my dear! Amanda

  3. I’m always so impressed by your art work. It’s really interesting to see how you create it all, step by step. And I like the touches you add. That really is what sets it apart. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I loved watching your step-by-step process. It is inspirational! Makes me want to grab some paper and try it myself. What is best is the spiritual ‘voice’ that emerges. To me, that is where the magic happens.

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