Ninja Angel Warrior

Ninja Angel Warrior

Ninja Angel Warrior

There was a time when I thought Angels were to be all in white,
representatives, as they are, of the Light.

And then I saw an image of the Ninja Angel Warrior emerge
and I understood Heaven is never limited by my constraints.

How often had I been rescued by a loving form, silently,
lurking in the background

desperate to be unobserved?


Pastel smears revealed this image. Light and wings of an Angel upon a Ninja Warrior form.

Perhaps speaking to us that Heaven need not always be overt in the response to the heartfelt prayer. Perhaps it is with the stealth of a Ninja in which Heaven enacts the actions of aid upon our behalf.

I liked this image, as it also made me think of my stepson. Conversations with my stepson seem to be dominated at the present moment by the topics of Ninja Warriors and remote control cars. (I did not realize there was an entire industry around these tiny vehicles. Due to my stepson, I am now well-informed. :))


12 thoughts on “Ninja Angel Warrior

  1. With stealth … brings light πŸ™‚
    Powerful image Kim. Love your connection with your step son’s interests. Its such an interesting place to learn about and explore!
    Val x

  2. Lovely image, Kimberly. I think angels can adopt any colour they choose in order to conform to human understanding of colour and shape – but, beyond it, they are so much higher as a race that we would be terrified if we saw them in their true shape! xxx

  3. Kim, I had to giggle, cause just this Sunday our class was talking about how we like to ‘box God in’ and limit or restrain Him and what He is capable of doing – and look at you! Heaven is never limited by our constraints!
    I love when messages are reinforced to me!

    Oh – and I got to give away a Gratitude Card! It was awesome! Let me tell you the story real quick.

    I’ve been doing the de-clutter challenge and I post my things on Buy-Sell-Trade sites to see if I can make a couple of bucks before I donate them – and I’ve had a brand new pair of PJ’s that I’ve refused to donate because they are brand new – and $50 in the store, I didn’t think $5 was too much to ask, but apparently it was. So, I knocked the price down to $2 and was contacted. We IM’d back and forth and set up a time for her to come pick them up – and she goes, I’m paying you $5 for them. I told her they were on sale for $2, but I wouldn’t argue! πŸ™‚

    She was so sweet when she showed up, and she said that she felt so blessed to get the pajamas for $5 that she wanted to give me the full price. So I told her I wanted to give her a Gratitude Card that a girlfriend of mine made because she had been such a blessing to me that day.

    It was awesome! πŸ™‚

    • Oh, Kate, this story just touched my heart. Thank you, thank you for taking the time to share it.

      The fact you gave a gratitude card away means so much to me!!!

      I love how your spirit always shines through in whatever you tackle. From decluttering to resonating with sermons to the exchange for the PJ’s- you continue to add light to this world πŸ™‚

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