The End of Innocence

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

We are all familiar with the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, although versions vary.
My interpretation arose from this free-form art image.
The impromptu red lines gave me the shape of a girl, standing with hand raised in triumph. I thought of Little Red Riding Hood.

A heart resides overhead towards which she reaches. Behind her is a pink, shadowy figure laying on its side. It is the figure of her internal saboteur.

Our internal saboteur, yes, we all have one.
It’s the little voice in our head that says we should not attempt something, that we are not good enough to deserve better, that we are clueless to we think we have what it takes to succeed and so on.

The saboteur is at once both sneaky and beat- you-over- the-head-bold.

I have been dealing with this saboteur as of late. I have the opportunity to submit a book proposal, yet, I hesitate to complete the action. I am fearful of what I seemingly am unable to write and more fearful of what I may actually write.

“They will laugh at you” my inner saboteur whispers with glee. “Yes, yes! stay right here with me” is its hidden message. For you see, if you change, well, then your inner saboteur must change as well. You will see yourself differently and your eyes may no longer glimpse these hidden messages.

According to the inner saboteur’s M.O., when a simple nudge fails, use a sledge hammer.

The art image shows I am finding my way. Little Red Riding Hood has often symbolized innocence, though that innocence will not remain innocent for too much longer. She is an “on the cusp” type of figure and we have all been in her shoes. Stay on the trodden path and be safe? Or head off into the woods and overcome your greatest fear? The choice is so apparent.

When your inner saboteur is rearing its ugly head, you always must remember it is only doing so, because it senses change (for the better) is imminent. Resistance is the sign that you are realigning into something better, you just don’t know it.

It takes a bit of time for all the machinery to get working along a new higher order. Your body changes, your mind changes, your psyche and emotions come along, as well. All this momentum, all this change, is it any wonder we have something within us that longs to put on the brakes?

The place of innocence- the change, before the change.

“My what big eyes you have…” is only the start of recognition of the saboteur form and all its disguises.

Like Little Red Riding Hood, to address and outwit the saboteur, is the end, in some ways to our naive innocence. In doing so, we emerge into our own brilliance.


11 thoughts on “The End of Innocence

  1. I don’t have a inner saboteur, but I have many outer saboteurs, too many! You know, I think some times those inner saboteurs are actually not born there on the inside, they don’t beong there, they are just voices from outside, and we need to weed them out and never let them back inside again!! Even if it is hard! Sometimes we can ask someone who loves us to help us get rid of them, and I will tell you right away now Kim, that those saboteurs are wrong!!! You will do beautifully! But more importantly, how people react does not really matter, it is your action and the intention behind it that matters. And it is that, that which you send out that you will carry with you forever, not how it is received. What you give is yours forever, what you hold back is lost forever. And it is in giving your soul expands πŸ™‚ And your soul is not limited by this life, by this body, so its importance goes way way beyond any petty words uttered by someone in fear or jealousy. Live from the Love on the inside, not the ego-driven world on the outside! πŸ™‚

    • Oh, this was just beautiful. I don’t know how old you are, but I would say you are wise beyond words- truly. I will reflect on your comments- that the saboteur’s words may be from outside, rather than inside. Such a powerful thought.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the inner saboteur, Kimberly: tricky little beast, isn’t it? Tangles, all too often, with our Higher Selves and tries to bully, charm and persuade us back into the lower self. It is at its most powerful, as you point out, when change and growth are in the air; that’s when it pulls out all the stops and whines like a nagging parent twenty-four seven.
    At those times, and to continue your lovely fairy tale metaphor, we just have to set off into the wood anyway – and tell the IS to go away! xxx

    • I am so glad this resonated with you. I was not sure I was making sense. I agree with you- the saboteur tries to push us back towards our lowest self. We must be wiser than this πŸ™‚

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  4. This, I think, is my favorite post of yours!!! It is brilliant! The way you tie the innocence of LRRH…in with the big bad wolf of our inner saboteur. ..ahhhhh!! Oh…and the art is amazing too…so put together. My sense is that you know exactly where you are headed and it is a very…very good place! It is okay for a little fear to creep in…that is really all the saboteur is…but you must…YOU MUST follow through with your proposal! I have held your books in my hands and they are so powerfully loving!!! I say yes to your next book…and the next one….and… on!! Much love to you dear friend! ! ❀ ❀

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