Loving Self

I do not need to be “more perfect”.
Rather, I need the vision that sees that
“perfection” is already present.

Strange posting. The art is real, but I am uncertain in my bearing. Began with pigments and saw shapes, and this was revealed- a woman emerging from womb/flower, holding a yellow ball (3rd chakra, sense of self) to her breast. Looking with eyes of Love as mother to child.

And I thought to myself- what would it be to look at ourselves with such eyes of love? What if we could find the eyes of the mother-with-newborn within us, and turn those eyes upon our own Being?

Like mother-with-newborn, would our eyes see with compassion? Would our eyes see the innocence and the potential that we contain within us? Would we look upon ourselves with the eyes of the protector- really, for once, seeing our value?

Would our vision take in our wholeness, our entirety, as a mother does when she gazes upon a child?

If we were to see with such vision, would we finally be brave enough to look upon ourselves and see the depths of our Souls and not some distorted image?


7 thoughts on “Seeing

  1. Hey! I’m not sure what your policy is on awards, but I think you deserve the recognition so I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! =]
    There is no pressure to accept, participate, or follow the rules exactly.
    If you are interested, you can check it out here

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