The Warrior of the Galaxy



A Warrior- Heaven sent.
Never forget.

I just loved this image for some reason. I had a piece of black paper face down on my work surface. I picked it up and saw all these pastel bits stuck to it.
I liked the how they were scattered all over and I took a yellow pastel and outlined them, having no idea where this would go.

And I saw an image of the Warrior II yoga pose emerge. And I thought of each of us, with the stardust of the galaxies within us, striking the Warrior II pose, at once both grounding and evoking.

I, like many of you, have been through some battles as of late. As I have moved from awareness from how much I self-bully to recognizing (although I would prefer to deny) how often some close to me attempt to bully me into “acceptable” behavior.

I have been told things in the days of late that have both confounded and perplexed me. Leaving me to wonder, “Is this how you really see me?”

But that question is silly. For the main query is “How do I see myself?”

There will be those who can connect with you on your journey in such a way as to travel with you. There will be those, who although they love you, are unable to at this time pack up their bags and get moving. They will witness your travels and stay out of your way. And then there are those who sense you are leaving and will send up a barricade.

Trust yourself. You were not born of the stars and all the powers incumbent so that you may belittle yourself or your actions for the comfort of another.

Believe you have the power of the galaxy within and remain true to the Warrior’s way.


22 thoughts on “The Warrior of the Galaxy

  1. I love Warrior 2 – being rooted in the now, but taking knowledge from the past and looking towards the future. Hearing the words other and we have told ourselves, discovering who we really are, and moving towards our future. Love this Kim!

  2. I love this! I’ve been struggling too with releasing my self from the “drag” of those who fear my foreword momentum and attempt to hold me back. I know it’s not intentional on their part, but it took me a while to realize it was okay to stand out there alone, again, balancing my warrior II pose, attitude and dreams. I can’t expect anyone to fully understand my desires and hopes when I am unable to fully comprehend my potential. The only absolute is in not living. I want to live and explore and be vulnerable. That’s what a true warrior represents…strength through vulnerability. ❀ Namaste!

  3. Great Kim! Before I saw your words I thought – that’s warrior II in the sky πŸ™‚
    Representing strength and rootedness. Shoulders relaxed and arms extended as if floating on water. Balance between strength and softness. Trusting we have this balance within us. This is a soul warrior not a fighting warrior.
    Val x

  4. So my take isn’t from a yoga perspective. 😦 Yet your creation immediately caught my eye as an angel; a warrior angel if you will. To each our own lens. πŸ™‚ As with so much of your work, Kim, I like this one, too.

  5. Strong message here: “But that question is silly. For the main query is ‘How do I see myself?'”

    Bullies often make us question ourselves. It takes deep inner strength to be comfortable with who we are and know ourselves inside and out.

    Also, your artwork is incredible. I’m jealous of your talents.

  6. I love this post! So many good points, I love best: ‘Trust yourself. You were not born of the stars and all the powers incumbent so that you may belittle yourself or your actions for the comfort of another.’ It really speaks to me right now. Reaching for the inner strength!

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