The Hole in Your Heart

Hole i the Heart

Hole i the Heart

The Hole in the Heart

The hole in your heart.
So dark, so heavy

You touch the emotive edges and yes,
you are certain they will not heal

Until it is revealed
from the bird’s eye view

the hole in the heart
is nothing but the eye of the storm

the calm pivot point about which the
winds of change begin their rotational swirl.

Hurricane Kim

That is what I thought when I first created this image. It was not planned. Again, pastel pigments spread out upon paper leading to a form, an image, an idea.

Suddenly to me, it looked like hurricane winds from an aerial view. Swirling. Around a heart, yet that heart had a hole in it.

What if, the holes in our hearts are the still points, the places in which the energy of change first begins to rotate.

May we hold the center as the gale forces swirl, trusting in our stillness.

8 thoughts on “The Hole in Your Heart

  1. In experiencing life fully most of us experience these kind of holes in our hearts. When we see them for what they are they become sacred space.
    Lovely visual Kim!

  2. Oh, Kim, what a lovely lovely post, so wise and insightful! 🙂 I will think about what you say in this post today! 🙂 Thank you! ❤ ❤ ❤

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