Gratitude Cards- Get Yours Free Here! :)

Finally, a positive post! I have been itching to do one, but as commenter pointed out (check out her great blog)- things sometimes happen in waves. And, for whatever reason, some family issues have been crashing along the shore of my blog as of late.

I may write a bit more about them, or I may not. I find the issue of what to reveal in this public sphere to still be quite a challenge.

On to bigger and better things-

For years I have wanted to make some “Gratitude Cards” and I finally did it! (Don’t you love when things take you years to complete? I like to think the waiting makes it even more wonderful when you finally finish it.)

Anyway, the goal for these Gratitude Cards was to have a little something (the size of a business card) to hand to someone when they made your day. I have used mine with our car mechanic, a cashier, and someone who helped me when I spilled some packages all over a parking lot.

I just wanted something to hand out to thank the person and to acknowledge their act of giving and my act of receiving.

Here is the card I created:

Gratitude Card

Gratitude Card

And, in gratitude to all of you, who have given so much, I am happy to send some to any and all who would like them – for free! 🙂

That way you can pass along some gratitude of your own.

If you do, please send me your mailing address (please not on this blog, but rather send to and I will send you some Gratitude Cards.

I am starting back to class soon, so please be patient if it takes a little time for me to get them to you.

Please enjoy!

(P.S. Thanks to Kate at Did that Just Happen? who sponsored a give away and made me think of this idea.)

10 thoughts on “Gratitude Cards- Get Yours Free Here! :)

  1. That is really cool. What a wonderful idea. I love the gratitude cards.

    Recently someone told me this story about some hippies in the 70’s who had rescued him and gone out of their way to give him a ride. He tried to pay them for gas, but they told him to give his money to somebody else who really needed it. Kind of funny, the guy said he’s been forced to pay back that favor for over 40 years now, because he has no idea when he’s going to have it paid off! It made me laugh. Gratitude is like that, it’s a gift that just keeps multiplying itself.

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