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Held Love

Held Love

What if your only “job” was to give and receive love?

I have been asking myself this question over the past few days. Confronting myself, if you will, about the idea of how important/central do I see the idea of love in my life.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not talking about wandering around aimlessly and allowing anything/everything to be done to you, so you can define yourself as “loving”.

Love is not weak. A flower blossom can be noticed and seen as beautiful only because it has a strong stem to support it.

We would all do well to remember that.

Our love is most beautiful and potent when it is supported by a strong stem of self-awareness and compassion.

Instead what I am writing about is how I say I long for a life of love, yet how often am I truly engaged in the giving or receiving of this love?

To test this idea, I have been observing myself. The other morning, I was at the computer. My husband came over to hug and kiss me before leaving. Was I open to receiving this act of love? Honestly, not really. You know, I was BUSY.

The other evening, we had spent a day shopping. We were sitting on the couch eating some nachos. Do you know that in the years before I married, I LONGED for someone to sit on the couch and eat nachos with? I longed for that coziness and that comfortable-ness to eat messy foods together and be relaxed.

Yet on this night, I was worried about other things. My mind was a whirl. There was love in the room, I simply didn’t notice it.

And then there have been the phone calls to make. I needed to catch up with some people and I already felt too busy. I had to stop myself and say, “Kim, what are you thinking? This call can be an act of love. If the only thing you need to do today is give and receive love, then simply do it.”

I have liked my awareness and approach over the past several days. I have noticed love is all around me in my acts and in the acts of others towards me. I have simply been too busy planning, preparing, making an agenda for when such expressions were “right” and “convenient” and so on.

We are not meant to live our lives working “towards” a time and place for love. We are not meant to cross everything off our agenda lists, so then we can be open to receiving love or have a little time and energy left over to give some love.

The ability to give and receive love only happens in this moment, and that moment is always now.

I am changing my art around some. I work in pastels which are inherently messy, leaving pigment trails everywhere. Lately, I am pressing paper into these pigment bits and seeing the design, shape that emerges from the dust. I then fill it in.
I like this image which presented itself.


21 thoughts on “The Love Blog

  1. I think we all get busy and take for granted the love all around us. You are right that by changing our perspective slightly, reordering priorities based on love, that it could really make the difference in someone’s day. I think for many of us it isn’t simply about being busy – it is about being in a place where we are able to give and receive love – healthy love. When I’m in survival mode, I retreat inwards and lose my ability to connect with anyone. It takes strength as well as vulnerability to be open to love.

    • ON some days, it is apparent to me that other people should be writing my blog for me πŸ™‚ YOu capture here – in words that failed me- what I experience. You are right, it is not necessarily that I am too busy, I am in survival mode. I am worried I am unlovable so I protect myself. Beautiful words you have shared here, thank you.

  2. This is interesting, Kimberly, and I suspect, challenging for many. I like how you’ve framed what love is/can be. And others, obviously can craft definitions that work well for them.

    Unsolicited, what I’d consider adding the ‘the mix’ in order to make knowing and embracing love easier, is creating a desired space and then simply allowing it to be. Yet maybe this shows my tendency to over-simplify.

    I agree and am warmed by your inclusion of compassion and receiving. Both, in my heart, are key ingredients. Thanks for your thoughtful prompt!

  3. Love what came from the dust! And really love the message – this one hits home for me because I’ve been working on being in the moment and seeing what is around me! I’m really good at the giving – but not at the taking, and it really is a two way street!

    I just loved all of this Kim!

  4. We think alike Kim πŸ™‚ I just posted something which is so similar to your post. I really like your post! Simply love the image ❀ a heart with mountains and a sun is a perfect way to show how Love can be difficult yet how it can also illuminate one's life

  5. First response-tearsπŸ’›of compassion…how beautiful it is to read your words…noticing the love that is given and received everyday in so many forms. My own commitment to love is similar…I realized that authentic love comes in many forms…(((hugs)))

  6. Being present with ourselves and mindful is so important. I let myself create lists almost unconsciously and that clogs up my mindfulness. I love your sentences “Love is not weak. A flower blossom can be noticed and seen as beautiful only because it has a strong stem to support it.” Such a great picture that brings up in my mind. I have been spending time on this very subject and being more present. Once you notice how much fuzz is in your head, you can use love to sweep it away.

  7. Thank you for sharing Kim. You’ve turned my day around today πŸ™‚
    I love the shift in your approach to your art too. Its a beautiful image.
    Val x

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