You can not always hide.
Sometimes the journey is written in such a way that
the strides take you out into the open Light.
I think the message that is pressing upon me is that you can not hide who you are.

Too often, we try to live in our “shadow” side. We fool ourselves. We deny our potential. We walk in darkness when our journey has always been to walk in the light of who and what we are.

In honesty, I will tell you I hate the picture I have selected for this post.

It is for all intents and purposes a disaster. It was not what I originally sketched out. At one time (well, let’s be honest, several times) I tried incorporating animals into the scheme- a big “no go” on that.

To me, it is boring and plain and without weight.

To be even more honest, I will tell you that my dislike of this picture has nothing to do with its artistic integrity, but rather has everything to do with my resistance to its message.

You will see no shade for the walking of the journey in the image. I like shade. I like shadows. I like hiding. I do not like the steps of my journey to be too out in the open.

And this picture will simply not bend to have any of it.

In fact, at one point it had a tree and even that was too much.

In the past days, I have realized how attracted I have been to living a “shadow life”. I have dedicated an inordinate amount of time and energy to secondary dramas while ignoring the true drama of my life- emerging into who I am.

I wonder how many others are walking their journeys denying who and what they are- ducking from shadow to shadow hoping no one sees them.

Well, I have a secret for you. Whether you choose to see it or not, it is there. All your wonderful gifts and passions that you have refused to embrace and carry are being dragged along through the sand of your journey. You ain’t foolin’ anyone.

You, who have traveled life’s journey insisting a little carry-on bag is fine, are most likely dragging a whole luggage-line of talents and strengths with you.

You are not hiding your kindness your goodness, your passion, your caring, your love and your talents simply because you refuse to embrace them in the Light.

Life is not lived in the shadows. Life is lived in our Light.


23 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Upon first seeing this image, I thought it was an attempt at creating a photo negative. I soon realized that wasn’t your intension but what you write of fits…we fear being exposed. We live like a negative image hidden from the light. 🙂

    • Paula! I love the idea of creating a photo negative- ie. we should be living life in the actual moment, not in the Negative created from the moment. I don’t know if that makes sense or not.

  2. I really like this post Kim 🙂 And also the image! The mountains and shades of red are very symbolic you know. Mountains have always reminded me of struggles and maybe its these struggles which eventually lead one ‘out into the open Light’

  3. Oh Kimberly, you have nailed this one to the wall!! Yes, I am certain that it will speak to many of us here…I know it not only spoke to me…but I will not be able to get it out of my head for a while to come. Much love to you!!! ❤

  4. Lol, Kim, I looked and the art and loved it! I couldn’t wait to hear the story behind it and how much you loved it!! I need one of those in blues and greens next time things aren’t bending to your will! 🙂 I love the representation of a journey with no cover and the fact that we have to be exposed, baggage, talents, pain and joy and everything!

  5. Brava! Love this post. It is true we all try to hide aspects of ourselves because we are uncomfortable with vulnerability. It reminds me of the quote from Marianne Williamson: “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

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