In Praise of Girlfriends



Let me never forget that your Heart is made from the Stars.
Every woman, I think, needs in her corner one or two good girlfriends.

Unbound by any “official” relationship beyond the weight of friendship, girlfriends serve as our champions.

They will fight for us, sooth us, support us, cajole us, humor us and stand on the firm belief that we are worth it.

They take our hearts and hold its Light.

Even when, and this is important, we forget that we, too, are born from the stars – they remind us that we are a piece of Heaven.


18 thoughts on “In Praise of Girlfriends

  1. I love my girlfriends! (And my guy friends, too, Eric!) Those who support me just as I am and who I am becoming without thinking of themselves in it. Makes it so much easier to do the same for them! Reciprocal relationships rock!

  2. I am basically a loner, liking, caring for myself before any other, male or female. I like men over women; in today’s world. I don’t get close to women; having been betrayed. I admire many women, from afar, be they in this time period or from long ago in history. At age five I had a girl friend, Lydia, we were worlds apart but she was always there; she is gone now. Today, while I have many friends, I have only ONE girl friend, Patti…she is all that you have said, here in this post, to me!

  3. Speaking of cyber-girlfriends, I’ve been missing your posts in my reader, so I visted your site and just realized I accidentally unfollowed you! I don’t know how it happened, but I’m back now and eager to catch up πŸ™‚ xoxo Amanda

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